The UK version of Midnight in St Petersburg

… the Canadian version, which came out in September 2013 …

… and now the American version, out on January 19, 2016. Exciting!

Living the revolution (often quite reluctantly)

Inna Feldman has fled the pogroms of the south to take refuge with distant relatives in Russia's capital city. Welcomed into the flamboyant Leman family, she is apprenticed into their violin-making workshop. With her good looks and talent, she feels instantly at home in their bohemian circle. But revolution is in the air and, as society begins to fracture, she is forced to choose between her heart and her head.


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  • ‘Bennett has upped her game with this tale of thundering passions set in the Russian Revolution. Historical fiction at its best.’ – The Times, Saturday 13 April 2013
  • ‘A rich, gorgeous broth of passion and danger … I was swept away by the meticulous set-dressing, epic plot and unashamed romanticism.’ – Saga MagazineMay 2013 
  • ‘Bennett’s sophisticated grasp of historical realities and psychological complexity gives power and depth to what might easily have been a cliched romance.’ – Sunday Times, June 23 2013
  • ‘Engaging tale of life in pre-revolutionary Russia. The author’s style is easy on the eye, and the story is both fascinating and illuminating. Haunting, just the kind of book that ends up the inspiration for an Oscar-winning film.’ – Books Monthly, 19 April 2013 —————————————-
  • ‘Anyone who says love and politics don’t mix should pick up a copy of Midnight in St Petersburg, Vanora Bennett’s classy new novel. In an action and passion-packed story set during the revolutionary fervour of Russia’s imperial capital city, those two uncomfortable bedfellows form a marriage made in historical thriller heaven. Lush, romantic and brimming with suspense, Midnight in St Petersburg explores the social, cultural and political extremes of early 20th century Russia as well as delivering an intelligent and beautifully written love story. A fascinating and enjoyable historical novel.’ – Lancashire Evening Post, May 10 2013
  • “Compelling, heartbreaking, passionate.” — Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of Jerusalem: A Biography —————————————– —————————————–
  • From eminent musicians:
  • ‘Midnight in St Petersburg’ is a wonderfully involving novel set in the dramatic world of early 20th century Russia. Historical personalities such as Rasputin, Maxim Gorky and Fabergé  are convincingly brought back to life alongside a host of vivid fictional characters, in a story of love, politics and music. A real treat!’  – Steven Isserlis, cellist
  • ‘A corker of a novel which has immense appeal for all music lovers.’ – Julian Lloyd Webber, cellist
  • From The Bookbag: ‘An encyclopaedic and hugely satisfying read’.
  • From THESE LITTLE WORDS:  ‘Midnight in St. Petersburg is a very rich, intelligent text with great depth….I loved the characters and the sense of place, as well as the interplay of sociopolitical struggle and the intense emotions of the love triangle.’ – 30 April 2013

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