The music of nostalgia

Audio and video clips of the songs homesick Russians listened to in the emigre restaurants of Paris



Alexander Vertinsky sings Dorogoi Dlinnoi

Alexander Vertinsky sings Nad Rozovym Morem

Alexander Vertinsky sings A Little Song About My Wife

Alexander Vertinsky sings Tango Magnolia

Nadezhda Plevitskaya sings You're Covered in Snow, Russia

Ochi Chorniye (Black Eyes) on the accordion

Pjotr Leschenko sings Chubchik

Pjotr Leschenko sings Black Eyes (Cherniye Glaza)

Pjotr Leschenko sings Admit everything and I'll forgive you

Finally, just for fun ... a wish-fulfilment moment!

This is what every nostalgic Russian emigre will have dreamed of being able to do

Moscow summer evenings, sung by Netrebko and Khvorostovsky (on a Moscow summer evening)

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